TRISTAN, a love story at heart

TRISTAN & AMERICA emerged from the meeting of its two founders, Gilles Fortin and Denise Deslauriers, in the 1970s. Together, they embarked on a great adventure: the creation of a manufacturer and retailer that would become a central figure of the Québec fashion industry.

Now simply known as TRISTAN, the famous brand continues to create elegant and sophisticated collections for men and women who value assertive styling and affordable luxury.

The TRISTAN name is known for quality craftsmanship, refined fabrics and impeccable cuts. Its refreshingly modern perspective invites you to reimagine your wardrobe. Thanks to the splendid work of a Montréal-based design team, the resulting fashions strike the perfect balance between accessibility and sophistication. For over 40 years, style-conscious men and women, young urban professionals and businesspersons have found chic, elegant and comfortable apparel at TRISTAN.

Proud of its roots, TRISTAN entrusts 30% of its production to the local manufacturing industry. This enables the organization to closely monitor how its garments are made and to respond rapidly to emerging trends while also supporting Québec’s economic growth.

The results of this meticulous work can be sampled in 50 outlets across Canada and through the brand’s online store. A professional and dedicated staff is attentive to the needs of TRISTAN customers, guaranteeing an excellent service both in stores and online. The TRISTAN team is driven by a shared passion for creating unforgettable shopping experiences.

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