Supporting Local Brands: Clothes Made in Canada!



In the past few years, the fashion scene has been putting efforts into finding solutions to drastically reduce its ecological footprint in an ultimate attempt to minimize gas emissions and excessive water usage. In this regard, TRISTAN has been extremely proactive. 

As a local clothing brand, we always advocate for superior quality in our garments and prioritize environmentally friendly processes to ensure a sustainable world for future generations. That is why our team has created a complete collection of clothes made in Canada. The goal is to reduce our ecological footprint, promote the local economy, and make an impact that goes beyond the idea of simply wearing clothes. TRISTAN encourages sustainable fashion for men and women and is proud to produce 30% of its garments in Canada.


The Benefits of Local Fashion

The amazing part of local fashion is that it offers numerous advantages that can benefit both consumers and the environment. It gives meaning to the way we dress by allowing us to be part of a greater cause. Local fashion with TRISTAN is a movement that extends beyond just clothing. 


Local Support

One of the primary advantages of sustainable fashion is its contribution to the local economy. Producing locally helps create and sustain jobs in Montreal, a city filled with talented workers and creatives. To create responsible clothing is to help put the spotlights on all of the city’s hidden gems. Shop at TRISTAN for incredible outfits that also encourage our designers as well as our local producers.


A Well-Thought-Out Supply Chain

Creating sustainable fashion for men and women at TRISTAN also involves a redesign of our supply chain to make it more concise. A shorter supply chain helps reduce our carbon emissions resulting from the transportation of materials and finished products, which in turn, enables us to minimize our ecological footprint. Our clothes made in Canada also give us the advantage to drastically shorten the transportation time of our garments between manufacturers and our warehouse. Spending less time in transit highly contributes to extending the lifespan of our pieces. The shoulder pads of our suits made in Canada are a prime example of that. Attesting to the quality of our garments, the shoulder pads maintain their shape longer than many others found on the market, allowing you to wear your blazers as many times as you wish! 


Superior Quality

Speaking of quality, working with local partners allows the team at TRISTAN to maintain greater control over the quality of our clothing. By carefully selecting our suppliers and working closely with our designers, it is easier for us to be involved in the production chain. In addition to ensuring good working conditions, it allows us to create long-lasting clothes, thus guaranteeing sustainable outfits that are made to last. 


Clothes Made in Canada

Undeniable quality and timeless pieces are what you can find at TRISTAN. Join us in promoting responsible fashion and while you’re here, take a look at the season's must-haves!


The Ultimate Travel Companion

Our men's travel suit fitted blazer is the epitome of elegance and functionality combined. Not only is it crafted with refined fabric, but it also sports a sleek design with meticulous attention to detail, allowing you to pair it effortlessly all the while elevating your style. In addition to being fitted to showcase your silhouette, this men’s blazer is durable and crease-resistant all the while providing you with absolute comfort. It will become your perfect travel companion on your next business trip!


Shop our travel suitted-fit blazer made in Canada!


The Pants You’ll Want To Bring Everywhere! 

Our travel pants are a must-have for any man seeking elegance, versatility, and functionality. Like the tailored jacket, our basic slim pants are made from high-quality fabric that easily resists creases, and is made of durable fibre with added stretch for additional comfort. To add the cherry on top, the adaptability of its design makes it the perfect choice for various occasions, whether it's a business meeting or a quick getaway in the city. Undoubtedly, these pants will become your new favourite for your outings. 

Complete your travel suit by shopping for the basic slim pants.


The Sleeveless Vest

A timeless piece to wear as many times as you wish! Discover our white sleeveless vest, a classic top that is easy to style and ideal for any outing when in search of an elevated look. Wear it with trousers for something more professional and elegant or pair it with jeans for a stylish and casual look. This vest is purposely crafted with a timeless feel and look and therefore is the perfect addition to complete your wardrobe.

Add the sleeveless vest to your wardrobe today!


The jacquard cropped blazer

This cropped jacquard blazer is a sophisticated, elegant piece that harmoniously combines comfort and style. Uniquely crafted from a jacquard fabric, this blazer stands out with its woven patterns, offering a rich texture and a distinctive visual. Its cropped design not only gives it a modern and trendy look but also makes it the perfect touch to add to any outfit.

Shop our jacquard cropped blazer today!


Tristan is proud to support local designers and workers through its collection of clothes made in Canada! Learn more about the sustainable fashion behind Tristan and join us in our quest to make fashion more responsible.


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