Katia | Promoting self-confidence

Katia has had an eclectic path. With a bachelor's degree in microbiology and immunology and a master's in teaching, she began her career teaching biology in college. At the same time, this ultimate fashionista launched her fashion blog in 2012. Much to her delight, she was able to turn it into a full-time job, in addition to working as an influencer marketing consultant for companies in the fashion industry. 

With a high profile on social networks, Katia is known for encouraging confidence and boldness. She wants to inspire women, make them embrace their unique beauty. It’s easy to understand why her audience has been so loyal over the years. 

"The most important thing for me is to share content that is true, genuine. With my community, I'm authentic at all times. I’m trying to create a positive climate on my platform. It's a non-negotiable to me and it's also one of the reasons why my audience follows me!"

Katia has known Tristan for several years, and she likes the essence of the brand. Tristan knows how to stay classic, while keeping with current trends, she says. She fell hard for our summer collection, which features an array of vibrant colors and dynamic patterns.

The outfit Katia opted for today represents her perfectly – it’s so totally her! As a fan of tweed and matching sets, her choice went straight to this gorgeous suit. A sparkling, refined look, just right for the gorgeous content creator that she is!

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