Sophie | A wonderful discovery!

Having arrived in Quebec just over a year ago, French-born Sophie has had an impressive career in fashion. From styling and purchasing to product management, the last 20 years have honed her keen sense of style. 


Despite her busy career and life, Sophie felt the need to discover new horizons, and in 2021, she and her family packed up and decided to move to la belle province! To her great delight, her children love it here and she has no plans to return to France any time soon.  

Sophie is not only a fashion lover, she is now part of the product management department at Tristan. It was when she moved here that she discovered Tristan and fell head over heels not only with the brand, but also with the company's values. She says that the family spirit is very much present, and that's what makes it feel like home. That... and the French touch!

We, too, had an instant crush on this woman who is a true source of inspiration for every fashionista. In fact, we were curious to find out what makes her so passionate about fashion.

"Fashion may seem frivolous to some, but for me it has a huge impact, especially on my mood, my well-being and my self-confidence. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same."

 One thing is for sure, we always look forward to arriving at the office to see Sophie's looks, always colorful, elegant and inspired by European fashion.

 As a consumer, Sophie tries to opt as often as possible for durable, timeless pieces that can weather trends over the years. She explains that this is why she loves Tristan clothes so much.  

We hope Sophie stays a long time, both as a Tristan team member and as an adopted Quebecer!

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