Elise & Steve │Love at Tristan

Who would have thought that a store, a pair of faded jeans and a few steps on Mambo N°5 would be the beginning of a long love story? Yet this is the premise of Elise and Steve's relationship.

Let’s go back to 2004, long before Tinder and all the other dating apps. Steve was visiting his favourite store for a quick shopping spree, and he came across a young 18-year-old saleswoman, Elise, who at the end of the day performed a few steps to a well-known song… we'd rather forget. After a shared burst of laughter…

- I'm looking for beige pants, do you have any?

- No, but I have pale jeans!

- Perfect!

Convincing saleswoman, right?

The jeans were sold and the customer's details were entered into the computer system. Let's just say that Elise knew how to make the most of this customer file, and love quickly followed!

One wedding, two children, careers and many beautiful moments later, the story continues with Elise heading the marketing department at Tristan. A stylist and then an entrepreneur, she returned to her first love and was back working for the company where she met the love of her life 18 years later. With her passion still growing, she instantly reconnected with the quality of the clothes, the essence of the brand and its bright future.

‘’It's fascinating to be part of Tristan's continuity. The brand is renewing itself while keeping its distinct touch.’’   

Whether in the boutique in the early 2000s or in the head office today, you could imagine that Tristan has left his mark on Elise's personal and professional life. As for Steve, he always gets ultra-personalized service, no complaint here. 😉

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