The Rule of Three: Master the Art of Mix and Match with Your Favourite Summer Clothes.

Summer is synonymous with adventure! It is the perfect moment for getaways and trips, allowing us to enjoy the season in style fully. That being said, as fashion and summer enthusiasts, the TRISTAN team knows that packing can sometimes be a challenging task, especially when you want to bring everything without it being cumbersome. That’s why we decided to give you a helping hand by sharing our rule of three! This will allow you to create the perfect summer capsule wardrobe to travel anywhere for more than two weeks with just a carry-on.

What is The Rule of Three?

Don’t worry, the Rule of Three is not a mathematical formula. Rather, it's a guideline to help you pack lightly while making the most of your clothes. This technique can be used all year long, no matter where you’re headed. The rule shows that you only need three pieces of clothing per category to create many outfits. Further down, TRISTAN gives you more tips on how to use this technique properly and the good news is, that it works equally well for men and women and can be applied repeatedly! 


Effortless and Versatile Elegance

This approach maximizes your options pairing with only the most essential pieces. By choosing clothes that can easily be mixed and matched, you drastically increase the number of combinations possible.

For women, you want to bring three pieces of the following categories:

  • Basic top
  • Casual top
  • Dressy top
  • Pants
  • Dress
  • Two-piece set


This accounts for 21 pieces, allowing you to create more than 45 outfit variations. The possibilities are truly endless!

For men, we do the same, but for the following categories:

  • Casual top
  • Dressy top
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Blazers or jackets


By applying the Rule of Three, you end up with only 15 clothing items in your carry-on for more than 24 outfit variations.

The rule of three exponentially!

Here are more tips to help you take advantage of the rule of three.


An aspect we sometimes tend to overlook is the impact of accessories on our style. Bringing accessories like a belt, a scarf, or jewelry can completely change your look in an instant! Therefore, don’t hesitate to browse our selection of trendy and stylish accessories at TRISTAN to find the elements that will add an extra touch to your look.


Shoes also tremendously impact the feel of your outfit. Opt for 3 versatile pairs of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. They will allow you to adapt to any occasion. For example, for men, a pair of white sneakers, black loafers, and sandals are the ideal trio. For women, short heels, high-heeled sandals, and sneakers can be the ideal selection.

Save space

The goal is always to travel under optimal conditions, so we suggest you wear your bulkiest and heaviest clothes on travel days. Don’t forget a jacket on the plane; it can often get chilly! We also suggest using wrinkle-resistant clothes as a base layer in your carry-on and placing shoes first to not only maximize space but also protect delicate items from creases. With this method, your clothes will stay well-organized and ready to wear as soon as you arrive! 


Do you prefer videos?

Check out our video on how to build and pack your suitcase here. 


TRISTAN offers trendy summer clothes to keep you chic and stylish, especially for your travels and adventures. Feel free to shop our summer collection for men and summer collection for women online or in-store!

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