Félix | One more suit in his collection

Passionate about real estate, Félix began his career in the field in 2016. He discovered Tristan at the same time, as his lifestyle and needs were changing, and his wardrobe needed to become more professional. At this point in his career, Félix was wearing suits 7 days a week - and Tristan is where he found his perfect fit!   

"On my first visit to Tristan, I opted for 3 different suits - just for a little variety!”

Tristan stands out by selling suits in mismatched sizes - which is unusual. In fact, it's possible to buy jackets and pants separately, so you can choose different sizes. An important selling point for Félix, since his athletic figure made it difficult for him to buy an ensemble.

The 30-year-old considers his clothing style to be rather minimalist. Simple, classic, but he does step out of his comfort zone once in a while. That's why he so appreciates the advice of our in-store staff. With each visit, he learns more about the products, color schemes and materials. As a result, he's able to create his own signature style.

"I work in sales, and I firmly believe that service goes beyond the product. It's a determining factor in both purchase and customer loyalty. It's the main reason why I've been a Tristan customer for all these years."

The man who spends most of his time in suits is obviously looking for the perfect balance between comfort and style. So far, he has never regretted a purchase... even those that took him out of his fashion comfort zone!  

True to form, Félix opted for something new during his visit to our studios. Unaccustomed to mixing chic and casual, he had never worn a T-shirt and sneakers with a suit. As for his suit, Félix opted for a lightweight model that he'll love on the hottest summer days. And what can we say about his pretty mix of pale colors?

It's safe to say he's ready for the new season, with one more outfit in his collection!

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