Véronique | Living her dream

Véronique has been working in the fashion industry for most of her life, but for the past 13 years she has literally been living from her passion as a personal stylist. Before jumping into her dream job, Véronique studied fashion marketing and then worked in fashion stores before finally moving into the buying field. It was her love for people and the desire to have a more flexible job that convinced her to change her profession.


‘’ To be a stylist, you have to be patient and be able to listen to people. I would even say that you have to play the role of a therapist, sometimes! Everyone has different preferences and restrictions. I love getting to learn my client's needs. ‘’

The talented stylist has known Tristan for years as she often visits our stores to shop for her numerous clients. According to her, Tristan stands out for its high-quality fabrics and its impeccable fits. When Véronique needs to shop professional clothing for her clients, she directly comes to us!

As a fashion connoisseur, she tries to encourage local fashion and clothes that are designed in Canada as much as possible. Then, she applies exactly the same tips that she gives to her clients: buy pieces that have a good price/quality ratio, which will last for a long time. She considers herself an educated consumer and prefers to invest in long-lasting clothing to reduce her consumption.

Today, Véronique opted for a checked blazer + short duo. She loves matching sets, especially with shorts, so she was thrilled to discover that one. She mentioned that she rarely wears a blazer to work, but that she surely will wear this comfy one during her many shopping sessions... for her clients!

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